Main features of our service:

Our company sells cars both by the fact of availability and by customized orders. If there is no available car that meets your needs at the moment, we do our best to find the type of vehicle that you need. Our customers never go away unsatisfied, you can be sure that we will find and export the best vehicle for you!

At our company you can purchase the following types of vehicles:

1.              Used commercial transport (LKW) aged between 3-10 years.

2.              Used and new personal cars.

Orders types:

We perform single sales and bigger lots.

Terms of delivery:

If the car you need is available, the shipment is made immediately.

Customized orders are proceed within 30 days depending on the complexity of the order.

Shipment conditions:

We provide our clients with EXW delivery from Viborg as well as shipping to any destination from Fredericia or Aarhus harbor. We can also provide our clients with temporary license plates and the export clearance.

Payment terms:

1.              We accept payment in any exchange currency at the exchange rate of The National Bank of Denmark.

2.              The payment can be made in cash or in wire transfer.

Please note that advance payment significantly accelerates work fulfillment.


We are glad to work for you and with you! If you want to get the best service of car export from European Union - you should work with us!

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